Recommend us and receive a generous payment for each client you refer

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Earn a commission of up to £500 per customer you refer to us

Build brand loyalty by providing services you cannot otherwise offer

Guarantee your customers savings when they switch their services

We can buy your customer out of any existing telecoms contract

Refer your existing I.T customers to Birmingham Telecom

Join our lead referral scheme and receive generous one-off payments for all converted leads where you can earn up to a maximum of £500 per client you recommend to us.

Our referral scheme is ideal for partners who want to refer leads for telephone system opportunities.  Simply pass the details of the opportunity to your partner manager who will then engage directly with your customer. 

We will deal with your client directly where we will never tread on your toes, Once a solution has been agreed and sold to your customer, your partner manger will confirm the commission payment applicable to the deal based on the table below. Whats more, almost all of the products and services we sell are included in the referral scheme meaning you can boost the money you earn when your customer takes multiple products and services from us.

Know that your customer is always being well looked after

Partnering with Birmingham Telecom will enable you to develop new revenue streams for your business whilst offering your clients a greater range of products and services.

By adding our services to your portfolio, you can keep clients happy and challenge competitors by offering your own telecoms services. We offer true partnership with a transparent, open book approach where you can earn attractive referral fees for each client you bring on.

Our team are on hand to provide dedicated sales support. From the initial site meetings and proposal presentation through to Implementation, we will provide full back office support for provisioning, billing and technical support to make processes as smooth as possible for you and your customer.








How does our referral scheme work?

Our referral scheme works best where you would prefer to keep out of the sales process and where you are not interested in building ongoing revenues. It might be that you only wish to refer a single client and makes more sense to earn a quick, one off fee for referring your client to us. In any event we will ensure your customer is looked after in the “proper way” which reflects well on your business and in return earning you more work from them in the future.

Our referral scheme pays a one off fee for every client you refer to us. The amount you receive depends on the total deal revenue and this ranges from £100 up to £500 per client however, this referral fee will increase if the deal is a bespoke opportunity. Once a deal is completed simply invoice us for the agreed amount and we will ensure you are paid within 14 days. In addition, if the same client renews their contract with us again in the future, we will pay you again.

Small Deal

Deals Between £1,000 & £1,999
Earn £100*
  • Refer your customer to us
  • We will engage with them
  • We supply the agreed services
  • Get paid £100 within 14 days
  • We pay you again on renewal

Medium Deal

Between £2,000 & £4,999
Earn £250*
  • Refer your customer to us
  • We will engage with them
  • We provide the agreed services
  • Get paid £250 within 14 days
  • We pay you again on renewal

Large Deal

Between £5,000 & £9,999
Earn £500*
  • Refer your customer to us
  • We will engage with them
  • We supply the agreed services
  • Get paid £500 within 14 days
  • We pay you again on renewal

Bespoke Deal

Deal for £10,000 +
Earn £500+
  • Refer your customer to us
  • We will engage with them
  • We supply the agreed services
  • Get paid an bespoke amount
  • We pay you again on renewal

How do we calculate the deal value?

The amount we pay you depends on the total deal value and type of products supplied. A single deal often comprises of various products and services that will have varying price points. Our referral commission calculation will be based on totals that make up the overall deal so you can rest assured that you are getting paid in the fairest way possible.  This also means that if a customers takes multiple services under one deal (for example a phone system, line rental and connectivity) you will be paid based on the spend of all of these services combined.

Some services we supply are not included to calculate the final deal value but these are openly shown below.

What's Included

* We work the deal value out based on the below products and service values.

What's Not Included

* The below products and services are not counted towards the total deal value.

Do you have a customer to refer?

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Get paid across a broad range of services

With the Birmingham Telecom referral program you can offer your customers our entire range of telecom services. We have been operating in the SME market for over 14 years and have grown our business significantly due to offering expert customer support and expert account management meaning our customer retention remains at over 98%. This means your customers will be looked after professionally and will remain happy whilst in the care of our expert team.



Join the Cloud PBX revolution and offer your customers Cloud Hosted Phone Systems and 3CX solutions which we can sell, deploy, manage and maintain.



Our phone systems enable your customers to communicate better, providing the latest features, handsets and technology whilst earning up to 50% margin.



Provide your customers with FTTC, FTTP, dedicated leased lines and MPLS solutions to provide the critical internet connectivity that allows your business to succeed.



Offer SIP trunks safe in the knowledge we can advise, configure, bill and support your customer whilst paying up to 50% revenue for the duration of the entire contract



Earn strong revenues by offering your customers business mobile. We can offer voice, data and M2M packages from EE, Vodafone and o2.



Our engineers can provide UK expert level telephone system support and maintenance for a variety of phone system brands and manufacturers.

Trust Birmingham Telecom to deliver

When you choose Birmingham Telecom as your telecoms partner you can be assured that your customers will be in the safe hands. Our approach to world class customer service is what has led to us growing our company to bring in over 2.4 million in recurring revenues each and every year. On average, our customers stay with us for 85 months and we have averaged a client retention rate of 98.2% meaning only 1.8% of our customers have ever left us once becoming a customer.

1 %
client retention rate
1 month
average contract age
1 %
satisfaction guarantee

So what sets us apart ?

One of the biggest problems and concerns with other partnerships is trusting your customers in the hands of an unknown company. If your client receives poor service or has a terrible experience then this reflects badly on you and in the worse event, you may end up losing the client.  

On the other hand how can you trust that your partner is not selling directly to your customer, taking away revenue that could be earnt by you?

When you partner with Birmingham Telecom you can be rest assured these problems will not happen. We will interact with your customers in exactly the same way as you do and our honest approach ensures that we will provide the right solution at the right price.  

Our aim is also to ensure you refer as many of your customers across to us so its within our best interests to treat them properly and build long term relationships.  



We are vastly experienced in the telecoms industry, operating successfully since 2006 whilst maintaining an average client retention of 8.4 years. You can trust us to take good care of your clients.


We care

We will care about your customer as much as you do. We see every client as a long-term partner and put the same effort into caring for our smallest customer as we do with our largest.



We respect that we work directly with your customers and therefore anything we sell to them goes against your account, earning you the same levels of margin as you would if you deal with them directly.



We hate when customers are mistreated so everything we do is honest and open. We strive to be different from the rest always operating with honesty and integrity unlike many providers.



We don’t live in a perfect, fault free world so when there is a problem we will always do our utmost to rectify it as quickly as possible or implement an alternative solution while the issue is resolved.


Service Driven

We do not cut corners and only provide the best products and services. This means your customers will always have the best possible experience which in return means they stay with us for longer.


Expert Billing

We have implemented our own billing platform where we provide a series of checks to ensure all bills are accurate and approved for your clients before they go out. This stops almost all billing queries.


Right Approach

In terms of support all partners are equal. Those that work closely with us achieve the highest levels of commission in the fastest possible time but we can also work with smaller partners who aim to grow.